Atlantic Canada's Business Transition Specialist

SINCE 1998


A good match of business and buyer is essential. The fact that over 98% of businesses sold by CBI are still operating two years after the sale is proof that CBI is good at it. In order to find a suitable business for you, we need some personal information and your acquisition criteria.

Our policy is to release information about businesses available for acquisition only to individuals who demonstrate the financial and management capabilities necessary to complete the transaction and carry on the business. The first step in the process is for you to complete a Buyer Preliminary Data Form. Once the form has been returned to CBI by fax or email you will regularly receive information on business opportunities as they become available.

For individuals or corporate buyers who wish to take a more proactive approach to finding a suitable acquisition, CBI offers a Buyer Representation Program. This proven program features a comprehensive process in which an experienced, knowledgeable member of the CBI team will:

  • Obtain detailed information on your skills, experience, financial capabilities, interests, objectives and related criteria
  • Based on the above, create an Acquisition Plan
  • Research and compile a database of potential acquisition candidates
  • Contact candidates to determine interest
  • Prepare a Market Price Analysis and business evaluation and assist with negotiations leading to a formal Letter of Intent
  • Work with other professional advisers to facilitate closing