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ASKING PRICE:  $237,000
LOCATION:  Southeastern NB

This specialty cafe and bakery serves healthy, flavourful bakery and cafe items created on site. In operation since 2007, the business is has 4 components: bakery, cafe/coffee shop, retail food and other retail products.

The business is located in an attractive, thoroughly renovated, company-owned building and derives additional revenue from 2 apartments located on the upper floors. New owners may decide to use one of the apartments as their residence.

In addition to 1 of the owners, the business has 6 full-time and 3 part-time employees. The employees are well trained and knowledgeable and are expected to remain after the sale. The current owners will remain for a reasonable transition period.

This growing business has been developed to the point where a new owner may decide to continue to operate it in the present manner or take advantage of the obvious opportunities for growth including franchising or developing a wholesale bakery.

2016 revenue approximately $450,000.

The transaction will be structured as a sale of assets with a price of $237,000. The price will be adjusted to reflect the balance sheet at the time of closing.
  •    An established niche in a rapidly growing industry.
  •    Unique, only one in New Brunswick occupying this niche.
  •    Proprietary recipes.
  •     Qualified, experienced staff will remain.
  •     Proven, effective operating policies and procedures in place.
  •     Two apartments provide extra revenue or owners' residence.
  •     This business has been developed as a franchise model.
  •     The present owners will assist during a transition period.
  •     Strategic location.
  •     Real estate available - additional $310,000.

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