Atlantic Canada's Business Transition Specialist

SINCE 1998

Wayne Love

BIO:  Wayne has over 30 years of experience in the fields of business management, accounting, human resources and consulting and is a true entrepreneur, having owned or co-owned four businesses during his career. Under his management one of those businesses became the fourth largest Weedman franchise in Canada and another grew from infancy to having 35 employees and annual sales of over two million dollars. He started his career with a large international accounting firm and later became a founding partner in a local accounting firm in Saint John, NB. After selling his interest in that firm he spent the next decade as a controller for several emerging companies during which time he gained his Certified Human Resource Professional designation. Immediately prior to joining CBI, Wayne spent several years with Enterprise Fundy, an economic development agency, in Sussex, NB, first as its Economic Development Officer and, most recently as the Executive Director. Wayne has developed a deep understanding of the goals, needs and aspirations of business owners and is aware of the mixed emotions that arise at times of change. His experience and background provide CBI’s clients with confidence as he guides them through the process of transition.