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SINCE 1998

CBI Philsosophy

"Our company's philosophy is that there should be no losers in a business sale"

When selling a home, it is the job of the real estate agent to tell as many people as much as possible about the property.

When selling a business, it is the job of the business broker to tell as few people as little as possible about the business.

After all, most businesses are owned by hardworking individuals who have invested a great deal of time and money in building a successful company and they do not want everyone to know about their personal affairs. It is critically important to protect the seller's personal, financial and proprietary information.

Businesses should be sold by professionals who understand the importance of confidentiality and know what it takes to consummate an agreement. That is why CBI is the best choice for entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell an existing business.

CBI has been managing the sale of successful businesses for many years. CBI is staffed by specialists who understand the important and subtle points of running a company.

CBI professionals bring their expertise to bear when preparing evaluations, reviews and marketing plans so both vendors and buyers alike benefit from their years of experience in managing the sale of successful privately owned companies.

After a client signs on, CBI completes an on-site review of the company enabling them to market it to prospective buyers. This review helps CBI prepare a business summary, resolve issues that may adversely affect a sale and target qualified entrepreneurs.

CBI works from a comprehensive marketing plan - which includes a buyer profile and action plan - to attract interested business people. A two-page generic business summary, which conceals the seller's identity is sent out selectively to the CBI databases of accountants, financial planners, registered buyers and executive search firms. These databases contain more than 2,000 individuals and firms. The client remains in control of the entire process, approving documentation generated by CBI and having a veto over who receives the information package.

After the preliminaries are completed, the process of selling begins. CBI screens qualified buyers, minimizing the vendor's exposure and unnecessary disruption of business. As required, CBI works with the prospective purchaser on everything from preparing detailed business plans to securing financing. Once an agreement (including price and terms) has been struck, CBI coordinates every aspect of the closing ensuring the the entire process runs smoothly.

The simple fact is CBI gets results, having completed more than 1,000 business transactions and thousands of valuations have been completed by this business brokerage firm. Of all completed transactions, 85% are sold within nine to twelve months.

Buyers are equally enthused with CBI's professionalism and honesty, as the firm will normally only represent successful companies with a sustainable cash flow. This approach ensures buyers will be able to receive a reasonable salary, pay off debts incurred in the purchase and earn a return on equity.

Statistics indicate that more than 98% of businesses sold by CBI are still in operation three years after the sale.

Our company's philosophy is that there should be no losers in a business sale.